Walter Hits the Mirror

Intensely blue skiesseen through sunglasseshigh maintenance lifein the desertdiseases of the minddeep lines in the landscapeof that facecriminal behaviorslies for the best of reasonsstronger than lovethe keys to powerin the reflectionof faceslines across the desertwrong movementssky and earthtoo late to retracedark trails through the grasseswhat is the nameon that facewhite man in mirrormister whitechain makerliving […]

Reflections on ‘Blue Jasmine’

Amid all of the vampire flicks and light comedies in the popular sphere a rising vogue in the blockbuster circuit is for movies about class division and conflicts writ large portrayed in mostly epic terms (Hunger Games, Elysium, Les Miserables).¬†Most of these create a comfortable¬†distance from an admittedly uncomfortable subject by placing the narrative in […]