At Work

At Work Put yourself in a box, a tin can, an official one. Make lists. Count inventory. Walk the aisles, dreaming art and poetry only at night and on weekends. Watch the light going out. Take notes with a short pencil on a yellow pad: “This is where I left my mind, in this particular […]

My Mother

My Mother Passed away yesterday. She raised me She helped raise my child I carry a lot of her with me She believed in me We drove each other crazy We loved each other immensely She tolerated all of my explorations Liked all of my friends She loved adventure and a challenge Read dozens of […]

Here I Am

Here. Here I am. My first weekend here in this beast of the city. The snow has fallen and encased the new apartment. The maze of the city closes in around me. I’ve left Elysium for an engagement with the edges. To the West the wave of mountains rises against the plain, houses are sprawled […]

It’s a Good Time for Doctor Strange

(upon leaving Santa Fe) The darkness intensifies The mountain no longer calls me up Fall has arrived The world descends into chaos Syrian women screaming at the gates Children drowning When we invented the internet (The children of psychedelia) We rejoiced to think the world was saved Through communication And good will Peace. Love. Music […]

National Treasure

Listening to a podcast from Poetry Magazine I was turned on to the reproduction of a remarkable artifact. It brings me, in a way that no single book or essay or even film can do, to an encounter with the cultural habitat in which my own particular view (in time and place) of this world […]

Walter Hits the Mirror

Intensely blue skiesseen through sunglasseshigh maintenance lifein the desertdiseases of the minddeep lines in the landscapeof that facecriminal behaviorslies for the best of reasonsstronger than lovethe keys to powerin the reflectionof faceslines across the desertwrong movementssky and earthtoo late to retracedark trails through the grasseswhat is the nameon that facewhite man in mirrormister whitechain makerliving […]

Winter Afternoon Santa Fe

The late stillness of day off season.   Old friends that once were close dissolved in the dust they disappeared.   Wired shadows unwind the trees shapes slowly vanish against adobe walls silhouettes stretch into diagonals sky stone blue and clear.   Evening birds remind us of the silence the death of romance a night […]