Notwithstanding Chris Matthew’s comments this week referring to Republicans who believe in Creationism as “Troglodytes” (a view with which I share some sympathy) the arguments waged between biologists about the true nature of evolutionary processes are vastly more intriguing (and relevant) than the abstract arguments between science and religion. In some ways the disputes between biologists resemble the friction […]

Two Movies

Two exceptional movies framed the past year for me.  The Tree of Life begins as a seed of light and then expands to the whole territory of existence. Through the memories of ordinary life juxtaposed with glimpses of the primal forces of creation we are given a view of a universe spawned in raptures of what […]

The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

First of all. allow me to introduce you to DSKRPT, a new site created by my son Gabriel. You will find essays, creative speculation and links to all kinds of of inspiring corners in realms of art and language. To get a flavor you might start with this intriguing post on the late Kim Jong Il.    […]


This being the beginning of 2012, when more than a few await the end of the world, the 12th Planet, the Second Coming, or whatever their favorite version of The Revelation, I offer this: They made signs in blood along the way that they went, and their folly taught them that the truth is proved […]