Are you catching this?

Obama is playing the Long Game. The ACE of BASS.

(I’ve always admired his ability to stick to the Long Game

in the face our short term view of politics based on FEAR.)

The politics that are going on right now are AMAZING!

Obama is actually doing what we originally elected him to do:

He is leading a REVOLUTION!

But where will WE be standing?

WE elected him to do it ALL.

(That ain’t how it works.)

We don’t just get to VOTE (or don’t) and then go home.

Politicians can’t change anything.

They are merely magicians, managers of INFORMATION.

WE must INTERPRET and make use of the INFORMATION.

WE must CHANGE. The world won’t accommodate our failure.

This is The Long Game.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
“If you want to find pure gold, you must see it through fire.” – Mumonkan

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