“Have at it”

From the NYTimes:
”Legal experts say that broad provisions given to the federal government and the public health emergency caused by the coronavirus could ultimately protect against legal challenges. Jennifer Shinall, a law professor at Vanderbilt University, said in an interview that the mandate for federal workers is almost certain to encounter lawsuits, but these are likely to fail.
As long as there are provisions for workers not healthy enough to get the vaccine and probably to some extent religious accommodations,” Ms. Shinall said, “I think that the legal challenges fail.”

From Ron Chernow’s book on ‘Washington:
”Washington felt powerless to stop this sometimes-ludicrous barrage of falsehoods. Owing to “party disputes,” he complained to Pickering, the “truth is so enveloped in mist and false representations that it is extremely difficult to know through what channel to seek it.” Washington was especially pleased when his ex-treasury secretary (Hamilton) launched a lengthy series of essays under the signature of ‘Camille,’ providing a detailed defense of the Jay Treaty. Washington gave way to gloomy musings about republicans government, viewing his Republican opponents as full of passionate intensity – “always working, like bees, to distill their poison” – while government supporters were either cowed or spineless, trusting too much to the good sense of the people.

Again, from the NYTimes:
”Mr. Biden had anticipated the attacks. In announcing his plan on Thursday, he said that he would do what he could to “require more Americans to be vaccinated to combat those blocking public health,” adding “If those governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I will use my power as president to get them out of the way.”

My own comment:
This is like the ‘Whiskey Rebellion’, a test of the powers of the Federal government. We are either one country or we are not, one community or merely competing factions. Perhaps it’s time to find out. While we fight the rest of the world moves on.

What do you think?


“Only under the stresses of total social emergencies do the effectively adequate alternative technical strategies synergetically emerge.” – Buckminster Fuller

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  1. Hi there, thanks for this message.

    We are not watching much television this week as we are on retreats at home. Jacques is maintaining Silence. Only last night did he peak at headlines online.

    So, this move has been anticipated by the unvaccinated community in the US. I’m also in touch with some people who have not vaccinated in GB, Italy and France (all through an online community). ref. Charles Eisenstein

    To me, it is another attempt to separate and polarize, to control personal rights, access to work, to social outlets, and to rein in a teetering economy while continuing to increase and consolidate wealth for the 1%

    Like so many, I have been reading and researching constantly for nearly two years. We are vaccinated, and supported this campaign, lockdown and isolation, etc., until the Delta variant hit.

    Then, amidst contradictory information, revelations about the CDC and the lab in Wuhan, information about Vaccine efficacy, and the Seemingly incongruent demands to wear masks, we went down a new path of research, leading to great concern, and skepticism regarding the transparency and truthfulness of the stated agenda to slow the spread of the variant.

    So, this is where I am at today.

    I admit that, Although I suspected that a show (threat) of force would occur alongside an attempt to control the population, I still cannot quite digest the gravity of President Biden’s announcement. And, as I am unable to discuss today’s announcement with my husband (or anyone) until Sunday, I can analyze neither the ramifications nor the possible responses.

    Thanks again for starting this topic/discussion. I know you’re Brave! TBC…please publish a Part II.


    1. This is a ‘novel’ virus. The science changes (as it should) as the circumstances change and new data is gathered. That’s the way science works. The bottom line, what hasn’t changed, is that those who are vaccinated have much less likelihood of getting seriously ill. This hasn’t changed with any amount of new data (except of course on the sites that cater to those who don’t trust anything the government says or does). When one looks at the maps of states with the lowest vaccination rates and the highest incidence of COVID fatalities the conclusion is pretty obvious. The same resistance arose historically with the introduction of the Smallpox vaccine in the early 20th century (and probably with any new vaccine or any government ‘mandate’ that ever was. So, if people want to take the ‘libertarian’ path where the government is the enemy of the individual (nothing new) let them. I don’t imagine they should feel entitled to government services either.

      We are no longer living on the ‘frontier’ and with the massive effects of climate change only beginning to manifest, the necessity for coordinated collective action becomes more vital by the day. This is merely an early trial (which many Americans are failing.) Perhaps it’s just a process of natural selection, necessary as a reduction of the human carrying capacity of the earth advances at an alarming rate (although in this and other circumstances many will continue to deny the hard data – or even the direct experience – of what’s occurring in front of their eyes – they will only trust what they read on the Internet).

      So, as the nation continues to tear itself apart, do what thou wilt!


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